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22A038: Monopolies, 9/20/2022 How to reduce their number
22A037: Unruled Waves, 9/13/2022 Britain's decline, and available recovery
22A036: Drugs & Laws, 9/6/2022 And why the twain should never meet
22A035: Conservative Fables, 8/30/2022 Nearly as bad as those of the Left
22A034: MH17: A Second Look, 8/23/2022 Whodunnit?
22A033: How the War Might End, 8/16/2022 Only if people withdraw support
22A032: About that $40 Billion, 8/9/2022 Deceitful destination
22A031: Where Have All the Flower Kids Gone?, 8/2/2022 Not far at all
22A030: Hyper?, 7/26/2022 Maybe so. Meanwhile, regular inflation is deadly
22A029: Chain Strain, 7/19/2022 Here's why
22A028: Presidential Ignorance, 7/12/2022 It's willful
22A027: NATO's Aim, 7/5/2022 Domination
22A026: Wars in the ZGS, 6/28/2022 What wars?
22A025: Wrecking Crew, 6/21/2022 The damage from Covid and the Ukraine War is no accident
22A024: School Shootings in the ZGS, 6/14/2022 What schools?
22A023: A Pox on Roe?, 6/7/2022 The market can end the abortion controversy
22A022: Yesterday's Money, 5/31/2022 It bought more than tomorrow's will. Here's why
22A021: Freedom's Firm Foundation, 5/24/2022 Its undeniable premise
22A020: A Golden Future, 5/17/2022 Sound money: a foundation for the coming free society
22A019: Mass Gullibility, 5/10/2022 The vital importance of being a skeptic
22A018: Three Flashes of Liberty, 5/3/2022 Not all news is bad
22A017: If You're Not Confused, You Don't Know What's Going On, 4/26/2022 - but here's one theory
22A016: Terms of Disparagement, 4/19/2022 The proper use of offensive words
22A015: Truth in Government, 4/12/2022 Let me know if you find any
22A014: Indoctrination, 4/5/2022 It's inevitable, so best make it good

(Editions marked with the Plague Flag focus on the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.)

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