As stated on the Home Page, 'An "anarchist" is one who believes society runs best when nobody rules or governs it; when each of its members makes 100% of the choices that affect his or her life and therefore none at all of those affecting anyone else's.' The theoretical basis for anarchism is therefore that every human being has the sole ownership rights over his or her own life.

That is its premise, and a little thought should satisfy the reader that it's an axiom - that it is a self-evident truth, which would first have to be assumed implicitly in order to attempt to disprove explicitly. For example: if you are not your own self-owner, who is? And since that person must be a human being,[1] where did he get the right to own you? Thus there is no rational alternative to the self-ownership axiom, and that axiom leads directly and necessarily to anarchism - that nobody should rule anyone but himself. Accordingly, all government is 100% irrational.

In a further sense the whole of this web site is theoretical, because so far everywhere the massively powerful government industry has succeeded in prolonging its own existence. We look in another page at how that long run of success might be ended, but here we must note that the theoretical foundation of an anarchist society is far more profound than can be accommodated in these few short introductory pages.

A more comprehensive treatment is offered in several books in print, notably Murray Rothbard's "For a New Liberty", Morris & Linda Tannehill's "The Market for Liberty" and David Friedman's "The Machinery of Freedom". Use any search engine to find them. Some other excellent books are shown on Books for ZGBloggers.

[1] For a discussion of the possibility of being owned by God, rather than a human being, see this supplementary page.

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