14A001 Welcome Back by Jim Davies, 4/11/2014    


After a couple of years' hiatus, the Zero Government Blog is back in action. To see what was written in 2010 through 2012 click on the RECENT button nearby, and of course make good use of the BOOK STORE one beside it.

To submit articles for publication, email zgb@TheAnarchistAlternative.info - and I'll be writing one every few days. Not every day, though, I'm no longer quite up to that. Get the RSS feed so that you don't have to waste time checking - that system will remind you when there is something new here. The easy URL is TinyURL.com/ZGBlog.

As always, ZGB comments on what's happening from the viewpoint that governments ought  not to exist, and tries to illustrate how events will be different after governments have been tossed into history's ash can. For an overview of the latter do consider my book, link here, called "A Vision of Liberty." That's where we're headed. It's one of a set of three, my "Liberty Trilogy" - "Denial" shows how freedom has been taken from human beings and "Transition" shows how we are getting it back again.

The Zero Government Blog is for people eager to terminate government, rather than debate how many bureaucrats can balance on a pin head. Some of the resources needed for that task appear on the right. This Blog itself is another one; for it aims to show visitors from current news items how badly governments are spoiling life, and how very different matters will be when they are gone. Here, we'll strike at the root of evil, not just stroke it.

If you take part in social media or an on-line newspaper like The Guardian with a good reader comment facility, you'll know how useful it is to be able to point others to a good source that explains how the subject would appear in the absence of government. I hope ZGB will itself serve that purpose, but The Anarchist Alternative is another that I use increasingly.

Have you joined the Freedom Academy yet? It's an entirely free, self-driven, interactive course in liberty designed to re-educate everyone, or to de-program all from the effects of government school and licensed media. It's spread from person to person and will equip everyone to live in the coming free society.

One of the tools developed during ZGB's hiatus is the little QuitGov site, accessible from the memorizable link, TinyURL.com/QuitGov. As you'll see, it shows generally and job by job why it is dishonest to work for government. It will not persuade anyone on its own to leave his employer, but it's a useful front-end to TOLFA, a tool to get people thinking; a URL to give to any bureaucrat you know. Government will vanish when its workers quit, no sooner.

Welcome back, then, to the Zero Government Blog. Let me know (link above) of any glitches you see or improvements you'd like, and do get the RSS feed so as not to miss the fun. Tomorrow, watch for a kickoff article on the great mystery of MH 370, to be titled "Five Eyes, No Sight."

Jim Davies



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