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21A002: The Red Ink, 1/12/2021 The money's gone. What that means for 8% Joe, and for us
21A001: A Double Palindrome, 1/5/2021 A lighthearted Hello to a possibly dark New Year
20A052: An Appeal, But Not For Money, 12/29/2020 Here's where the resistance begins
20A051: Let it Rip, 12/22/2020 Nature would have done just fine
20A050: Collectivism Kills, 12/15/2020 It's the great, fatal, ubiquitous disease
20A049: Shot in the Arm, 12/8/2020 Thanks for the vaccine, but no thanks
20A048: Free These Three, 12/1/2020 How Trump could secure his legacy and favor freedom
20A047: The Heist, 11/24/2020 A first look at how the election was stolen
20A046: How Did They Nobble the Prez?, 11/17/2020 One answer to the year's greatest question
20A045: The Swedish Exception, 11/10/2020 Laissez Faire in action
20A044: Creeps, 11/3/2020 How government quietly expands
20A043: Two Arenas, 10/27/2020 Guess which is more harmonious. More wealthy. More honest
20A042: The Poll Tax Idea, 10/20/2020 A good try. But it can't work
20A041: Through the Glass of 11/3, 10/13/2020 The future may get darker
20A040: Politicking Cannot Cut It, 10/6/2020 Wrong method, and always has been
20A039: Fascist Anti-Fascists, 9/29/2020 BLM and other vandals are not what they seem or claim
20A038: Jane Eyre's Job, 9/22/2020 Real teaching, after quitting the monopoly
20A037: Who Starts Wars?, 9/15/2020 You do. If you vote
20A036: Cops in a Free Society, 9/8/2020 Self-defense and the market will replace them
20A035: Did Lockdowns Help?, 9/1/2020 Nope. They made it 3 or 4 times worse

(Editions marked with the Plague Flag refer to the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.)

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