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19A036: September 3rd, 1939, 9/3/2019 The day a well-meaning Pol triggered catastrophe
19A035: Thy Brother's Keeper?, 8/27/2019 Rational ethics, applied
19A034: Homicides, 8/20/2019 Facts & Figures vs. the gun grabbers
19A033: A Murderer's Mind, 8/13/2019 Just like that of government people
19A032: Strikes in the ZGS, 8/6/2019 Rare, and readily resolvable
19A031: Two Kinds of Chaos, 7/30/2019 Same word, opposite meanings
19A030: Political Action?, 7/23/2019 If it could work, there would be no point
19A029: The Source of the Swindle, 7/16/2019 Much earlier than many suppose
19A028: My Former Self, 7/9/2019 We never stop learning
19A027: The Demolition, 7/2/2019 How government walls will come a-tumblin' down
19A026: Environmental Care, 6/25/2019 Government: the primary spoiler
19A025: Police Power, 6/18/2019 What's its source?
19A024: Colors of Evil, 6/11/2019 Many lipsticks. One pig
19A023: Remarks on Romans 13, 6/4/2019 How religion must divide the mind
19A022: Styles of Enslavement, 5/28/2019 They say slavery was abolished. They lie
19A021: Trumpian "Liberty", 5/21/2019 Little or no improvement
19A020: Too Many Humans?, 5/14/2019 By no means. It's just another Scary Myth
19A019: A ZGS Drug Deal, 5/7/2019 Bad choices will cost a bunch
19A018: Child Labor, 4/30/2019 A valuable option
19A017: White Nationalism, 4/23/2019 "Pink Archism" suits it better
19A016: The Myth of Original Sin, 4/16/2019 No need for human nature to change
19A015: Slogans of the Sixties, 4/9/2019 They were good! - but not well founded
19A014: Antwon, 4/2/2019 Why the ZGS will end police killings

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