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17A019: Bright,or Cloudy?, 5/9/2017 The darkness is nearly over
17A018: Marine, 5/2/2017 Either way, a bleak future for France
17A017: Menace, or Opportunity?, 4/25/2017 A fresh view of immigrants
17A016: Another Use for Guns, 4/18/2017 - but not one recommended here
17A015: Politics Cannot Cut It, 4/11/2017 Please tell your LP friends
17A014: Vertebrate Lawyer Wanted, 4/4/2017 To puncture FedGov arrogance
17A013: Revising History, 3/28/2017 Untwisting government textbooks
17A012: America's Owner, 3/21/2017 Nobody anyone has found. Yet
17A011: To Arm, or Not?, 3/14/2017 Owning a gun is a sound idea. But not vital
17A010: Executive Disorder, 3/7/2017 How they sneak in some extra rule
17A009: Dostoyevsky's Lament, 2/28/2017 Why it's good to be good
17A008: President Browne, 2/21/2017 The anti-Trump fury is nothing compared to this
17A007: Slaughters, 2/14/2017 Here is what governments actually do
17A006: Living and Letting Live, 2/7/2017 A fine principle. But it has limits
17A005: Protectionism, 1/31/2017 Right problem, wrong fix
17A004: Low Skills in the ZGS, 1/24/2017 Jobs are killed by government, not automation
17A003: "God" and "Income", 1/17/2017 A quick way to bust myths
17C002: Letter to a Daughter's Killer, 1/10/2017 A foretaste of forgiveness and justice
17A001: The Boycott, 1/3/2017 Why ZGS justice will need no punishment
16A047: Religion in the ZGS, 12/27/2016 there won't be much. Fortunately
16A046: Slaves, Half Free, 12/20/2016 In 1816, freedom wasn't feasible. Today, it is
16A045: Usury, 12/13/2016 Why the price of borrowing money should be uncontrolled
16A044: Sore Losers, 12/6/2016 Why every form of government fosters aggravation

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