Very fortunately, there is a large library of good books describing and explaining one or more aspect of individual freedom, built up by many authors over many decades. Here, as an adjunct to the Zero Government Blog, are a few dozen of what I think are the best. Where feasible, I've shown a link to dealers who offer used copies for steep discounts, but if over time such offers expire, just search on the book's title to find alternative vendors.

There's nothing quite like a "real" book! Yes, e-bookdealers are a marvelous innovation, and may well become the primary home library of the future (I've written one myself) but the "heft" of a printed hard copy is pleasurable in itself and to have it on a physical shelf for picking out and browsing through casually from time to time without prior intent, as well as reading it more systematically soon after purchase, is one of life's delights. So browse below, and build up your own Freedom Library!

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