22A033 How the War Might End by Jim Davies, 8/16/2022


Short of a swift Russian military victory, which seems unlikely for whatever reason, the mess in Ukraine seems set to continue for a long time; and endless war suits governments quite nicely, for it "keeps the populace alarmed", in Mencken's famous phrase.

The conflict did not begin just because the UkeGov was on the cusp of invading the Donesk - Luhansk area to its East, now the DPR, whose residents wished to be ruled from Moscow rather than Kiev. That was just the trigger. The cause was the 30 year encroachment by NATO member governments on the interests of Russia - indeed, on its very existence.

As shown in this ZGBlog, that military alliance had after 1990 doubled its membership and was in serious discussion about admitting Ukraine as well. One too many, as Vlad Putin sees it.

So to end this very dangerous war, that threat to Russia needs to be removed.

That's not easy, as Dmitri Trenin makes clear in this notable article. Neither Russia nor the USA (which is of course the power behind NATO) can afford to lose. The demented, power-intoxicated morons in the Democrat-supported Department of State are determined to bring Russia into US hegemony, and Putin is determined to prevent it. And both are armed to the teeth with nukes.

This standoff would not have happened under Trump, had the 2o20 election not been stolen. He has the good sense to put America first and let other countries look after their own interests. But even if he runs in 2024 and wins and if the theft is not repeated, 2½ years is too long to wait.

What, then, might meanwhile end the fighting?

I can think of only one possibility, and it's in Europe rather than the USA. That whole continent depends heavily on Russia for oil and natural gas. By imposing "sanctions" on their supplier, the idiot governments in NATO have cut off their noses to spite their faces, and the residents are not happy campers; and so far, winter hasn't even arrived. Two or three months from now, 400 million of them are going to shiver; many of them vote, and some may riot.

That looming problem has been partly anticipated; each government has worked on finding a way to bypass the sanction mandate without appearing to do so, by the classic political trick of saying one thing and doing the opposite. Some oil is flowing. It's hard to discover how much; actual figures are hidden. But still, odds are high that this winter, short supplies will cause very high prices - and that will make the people turn against their masters. Excellent!

Being political animals without a shred of principle, those masters may then hasten to undo the rest of their support for the UkeGov's war on Russia, perhaps even finding excuses not to ship weapons across borders. They may even prevail on NATO to declare victory and wind up the war. Heck, they may even quit the alliance, causing its long past-due disintegration! Anything, rather than being thrown out of office by their own electorate.

It's a slender hope, I admit; but at present it's the only one visible. If it takes place, notice: it will be bottom-up. The 30 governments concerned will not have concluded that their policy is misguided; they will simply be running for cover from an aroused and angry citizenry.

Ultimately, that is the only way any government can be displaced - in part quickly, as above, and in total more gradually. Ultimately, to dispose of those parasites altogether, all it employees must quit their jobs; for on them alone rests their power to rule. While it would be great if enough quit in Europe to end this needless war quickly, but unfortunately it's not probable; for the necessary intellectual foundation has not been laid. What's needed is a slow but sure universal re-education using a tool like TOLFA, passed from person to person; that takes time, but is sure as well as slow.

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