23A021 Silencing Dissidents by Jim Davies, 5/23/2023


A trial begins today in Germany of Dr Sucharit Bhakdi.

He is probably the most distinguished microbiologist in Europe, having retired from his professorship in Mainz, and in March 2020 he wrote to Chancellor Merkel suggesting that the then-new supposed Corona virus was no big deal, and that no special government action was needed. Jim's Wuhan Bug Blog reported this on April 2nd 2020. Ever since, Dr Bhakdi has opposed the hysterical government interventions we now know as the Covid Scam; and now the German government is wreaking vengeance: it has accused him of "incitement of the masses." Ha! How's that for a phrase plucked from the lexicon of the National Socialists or the Communists?

There's even a second charge. Dr Bhakdi has warned that the near-compulsory "vaccine" jabs are just like the early stages of the Nazi medical experiments and exterminations, and with a breathtaking inversion of logic he's accused of having "trivialized Nazism."

Dr Bhakdi is one of the gentlest of men, and has spent his professional life in the relief of suffering. And that is how his government rewards him.

Fact is, government just hates challenges to its alleged authority. It will come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who gains enough attention while doing so. I was unaware of this one until Margaret Anna Alice, a bright star of 2022, made it the subject of her detailed current essay. Be sure to watch the clip she includes of Vera Sharav, speaking at a German rally (in English) to celebrate 75 years of the Nürnberg Code and emphasizing the similarity between the Nazi start of experimental medicine in 1933 and the present Covid "vaccination." Ms Sharav survived the Holocaust as a little girl. It's a powerful presentation.

Hence too the FedGov's savagery against Ross Ulbricht, who challenged its anti-drug laws and its monopoly over money, with his Bitcoin-based "Silk Road" online marketplace; he is imprisoned for two back-to-back 40-year sentences.

Hence its brutality to Julian Assange, who exposed to public view a few of the outrageous acts of government previously done in secret; he is still imprisoned in London without having been convicted of anything.

Hence its murderous assault on Randy Weaver, killing his wife, young son, and dog; for having challenged one of its unconstitutional laws about guns.

Hence its even more murderous assault on the community in Waco, TX for challenging some of its other unconstitutional laws about guns, burning 84 of them alive and then sentencing some of the survivors to 40 years in prison.

Hence its intention - so far happily frustrated by Mr Putin - to prosecute and possibly execute Edward Snowden, for calling out its massive invasion of privacy by the NSA.

And hence its silencing of Irwin Schiff, who challenged the government fiction that an income tax law exists; for detail see my book via the link here at bottom right. He was sentenced to 13 years and, sadly, died in prison. He's buried in West Haven, CT and here are my photos of his grave.

So, from whom does government get the authority to do such things? - to punish Dr Bhakdi for publishing his book on Covid, FALSE ALARM? Do you have such authority, to delegate to it? Me neither. Nobody does. Therefore, it has none.

It's often recommended to speak truth to power. Well, maybe. I've not seen signs that government is interested in truth, nor that it changes its mind when it hears any; as above, usually it doubles down, to silence the speaker.

Much better: take action to end its miserable existence, for it is far, far beyond any possibility of reform. The means is ready. Using it is up to you.

STOP PRESS dated 5/25/2023

Thanks to Off-Guardian, we learn after only two days that the government court in Plön, Germany has acquitted Dr Bhakdi of both charges!

This is astonishing. Courts normally place the illusion of legitimacy on whatever government wishes to promote - and the modest restraint that juries may impose is missing in Germany.

So this verdict shouts loudly that the accusations against Dr Bhakdi were completely unsustainable.

In addition, it came with amazing speed. That is perhaps one advantage of dispensing with juries.

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